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High Tech 60 Anniversary Platinum - Limited Edition

GA: 12
Barrel length and chokes:
27 9/16” -28 3/8” – 29 ½” - 30 ¾” -31 ½” (or on customers demand) 8 and 10/10 (or on demand or with interchangeable chokes)
Rib and side ribs:
Flat-Ramped-Stepped 9/32" x 3/8"
Trigger group:
Removable with coil or flat springs
Stock and forend:
HT design, standard  or custom  or adjustable - Forend HT design


The High Tech 60 of 60 pieces celebrating Armi Perazzi, established in 1957 by Daniele Perazzi.

The 60th Anniversary is a prestigious model, featuring a high-polished black/bluing with all engravings in pure platinum. Both sides bear the High Tech logo and the inscription "Perazzi 60 Anniversary Platinum Limited Edition" is engraved on the bottom of the receiver along with the sequential numbering which marks each of the 60 guns. The serial numbers will range from 157900 to 157960.

The Anniversary number 157900 will remain on permanent display at the company’s premises.

A unique and innovative gun case will complement these limited guns. The case is entirely wrapped in black leather with the "High Tech" logo exquisitely embroidered on it.

Many Perazzi enthusiasts around the world have already secured orders of this unique piece for their collections.

Official Perazzi distributor in Belgium

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